Monday, 16 January 2017


A new year and a new term at the yard:ARTspace and off we go with a spring in our step.
The ten week course has got going with dry point plates and I am looking forward to exploring multi plate printing and over laying colours.
The first weekend workshop of the year took place , energetic and exciting, 
fueled with custard creams and 
enriched by this lovely chartreuse green mixed for me by Hawthorn Printmaker Suppliers to match the yards corporate colour.
Concentration was the order of the weekend.
And lots and lots
of beautiful
mixed media and gum arabic transfer printed
booklets were made.
Everyone went away inspired to 
use that stash of random artists materials
we all collect over time and forget how
to use.
A great start to the year, a lovely bunch 
of excited, creative people. Check out the website for what is yet to come.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017


Happy New Year everyone. It is always a difficult creative time between Christmas and getting back into the swing of things in a new year. January is dark, the glitter has settled, things seem dull after  the twinkly lights
The answer for me is to draw,
draw, exploring new ideas and reworking things 
I know how to tackle. Creative survival is all about making things achievable.
So while the juicy mixed media drawings sit and quietly stew, I am straight into a stack of Magpies with a white background.
Grey board, glue and
a quantity of carborundum and I am off...!!
A new collagraph made and editioned. Three for a Girl and I am planning Four for a Boy as I type.
Still time to experiment and make the next installation for my Museum in the Park
First World War project...more of that later.

Happy New Year and I hope you find your strategy to get going again after in 2017. 

Monday, 19 December 2016


Can creativity be a burden? I have to admit that I find Christmas exhausting as I can't turn my making muscle off! I started decorating in November, well that was a business decision as I decorated the yard:ARTspace for my Create for Christmas workshops.
I start off with crocheted stars and snowflakes.
Then the paper snow flakes make an appearance.
My mind turns to Christmas goodies and this year
I have found the perfect tin to pop them into.
The metal tree goes up adorned with snowflakes and strange enameled pieces.
This year I got together with a bunch of creative chums and we did extraordinary things with pipe cleaners.
Mine have reached the metal tree in the yard.
Come the first of December I start to think about decorating the house.
I always start with the lanterns and lights.
The second weekend in December sees me adorning the 
mantle piece, it becomes an enchanted woodland of birds, fungus 
and berries. Thank you Julia Jowett for this little wonder.
Rudolf makes an appearance the next weekend and yes this year he is in disguise.
As if Christmas wasn't busy enough the talented Caroline McCatty and I set ourselves the Fairy swap challenge, usually alliterated and set in the January, often done at the last minute, always a highlight of my Christmas for the last 12 I can't believe that this will be our 13th Fairy.
This year it is Film Noir Fairy (are we running out of themes?) Poor Caroline got this from me.
And I am soooo lucky to receive this from her. We have decided what the theme is for next will have to wait and see!
To add a touch of competitive edge to this years festivities, I have set a Bauble Challenge for my family and friends. I found these little glass lovelies at Hobbycraft and bought all of them!
Here is mine ready to be joined on Christmas Eve by the creations from my husband and 3 grown up children. I just love a festive diorama. 
Last but not least the tree goes up a week before we eat and drink too much. I would love to create a Scandinavian look to my decorations, all natural wood and clean lines, every year I fail. More is defiantly more with a hint of the sinister.


Thursday, 15 December 2016


The yard:ARTspace was transformed last night
into a twinkling Christmas wonderland
for the second Solo printmakers Christmas party.
We repeated last years get together, by meeting up at the yard
and ordering a Curry from up the road.
Everyone bought a pudding to share, making the Press Room into the Pud Room.
At the end of the evening we took away a handmade cracker, our version of secret Santa...I can't wait to open mine, I don't know who it's from, but I am saving it up for Christmas day.

Thank you to everyone who made the evening so enjoyable...see you all next year.

Monday, 12 December 2016


The end of my teaching term at the yard:ARTspace does not always mean I can put my feet up. I can see Christmas hurtling towards me, so I am about to set up my creative safety net to get me started again in the New Year. It is always tough rekindling that creative flame after decorating the house and dealing with days of giant meals.
Just before Christmas I now make stuff that will need attention on December 28. Drawing ideas and half making collagraph plates that will ease me into 2017.
So here is my process, I am starting to draw new work
that I hope to make next year,
these ideas began to appear earlier in 2016 so 
I want to build on it for new work in 2017.
Lots of mixed media,
transfer and
acrylic and
I am determined to  use the gum arabic technique
on the finished prints.
This year has seen me having a dalliance with fabric and stitch. I can't quite seem to shake this off  and 
I am still transferring images onto random bits of this space.